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Activate Flip 3D Feature in Windows 8.1 by Using free Switcher Tool

July 24, 2013 Comments Off

All of the users of Windows were astonished to see an entirely changed Start Menu in Windows 8 and same is the case with Windows 8.1. There are a number of things missing from Windows 8.1. One of these cool features is Windows Flip 3D that cannot be found in Windows 8.1. It can be found in Windows Vista and Windows 7, but it is absent from the advanced version of Microsoft.

Flip 3D in Windows 8.1Due to its presence in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the users were very comfortable while switching from one app to another one. They did not need to close the application to go to another app. The users used flip by pressing the Windows logo key + Tab simultaneously or alt + Tab.

If you want to use the same combination of keys i.e. Alt + Tab in Windows 8.1, you would be able to move among the Metro apps.

If you are extremely fond of using Flip 3D and you want to use it in Windows 8.1, you need to get a third party app known as “Switcher” that allows you to use the function of Flip 3D in Windows 8.1.

Enable Flip 3D with Switcher Tool in Windows 8.1

Step 1: First you need to download switchers from here.

Step 2: Now you need to launch it after installation by going to the location where you had installed it.

Step 3: Now you can change its settings as per your requirements.

Step 4: You need to open it and in “General” that can be seen on the left side of the window. Select the option “Grid” to change its style.

General Settings in Switcher in Windows 8.1Step 5: Now you need to open its “Appearance” where you will find an option “Enable Window Numbers”. You need to uncheck this feature.

Appearance Settings in Switcher for Windows 8.1Step 6: If you click on “Shortcuts”, you would be able to set your own shortcut that you want to use flip 3D style. In my case, I use “Windows + S” keys to use this amazing feature in Windows 8.1. Once you have done with the settings, you need to press “Hide” key.

Shortcuts Settings in Switcher for Windows 8.1Now you can experiment your shortcut you had saved in the shortcuts section to check whether Flip 3D is active in your Window 8.1 or not. You would be able to see all of the opened apps in 3D form by using your “Hotkeys”

Flip 3D Active in Windows 8.1

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