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Activate Hibernate Option Missing in Power Menu of Windows 8.1

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In computer systems where Windows 8.1 is installed, I noticed that there is no option of “Hibernate” in Power Menu available for the users. In fact this option has been bumped off from Start Menu by Microsoft and now the users have to get the “Power” options by following the technique mentioned below.

If you observe the new Power Menu, you will notice there is no “Hibernate” option for your desktop in Windows 8.1. It only has restart, shutdwon and sleep options.

If you press “ALT + F4” keys to make the default dialog box of Shut Down appear. You will not find the option of “Hibernate” in it.

Actually in Windows 8.1, Microsoft has designed Hibernate feature in a new way. You need to perform the following steps to make the Hibernate option visible for you. Below are some simple steps you need to take in order to activate the Hibernate option in your Windows 8.1 desktop.

Steps to Enable Hibernate Option in Windows 8.1

Step 1: You need to press the Windows key + R simultaneously to open a dialog box named “RUN”.

RUN dialog box in Windows 8.1Type the term powercfg.cpl and press the button “Enter”.

RUN in Windows 8.1Step 2: Now the window of “Power Options” will appear. In the left pane you will find an option “Choose What the Power Buttons Do”. Click on it.

Power Options in Windows 8.1

 Step 3: Now a screen will appear before you where you need to click the link “Change Settings That is Currently Unavailable” on the top.

System Settings in Windows 8.1Step 4: You will see the option “Hibernate” is unmarked while you scroll down. You need to mark it to activate this option.

System Settings for Hibernate Activation in Windows 8.1Step 5: That’s all. Now you need to click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the window.

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