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How To Run Resizable Windows 8 Modern / Metro UI Apps In Desktop Mode

April 12, 2013 Comments Off

Have you ever wishes to run a full Screen Windows 8 app in Windows? Well, you can do it with full of convenience. Windows 8 had been long contentious, and its first sign came to live last year. At the time people came to feel that Windows will be changed at the bulk; there is a constant tide critic’s crawl to see it as a failure. A bigger fear that just don’t like the new windows 8 way of doing things is the full-screen app style that dramatize that of cell phone device.

Tutorial to Run Resizable Windows 8 Modern Apps In Desktop Mode

Stardock windows 8 app featuresSome the apps, like that of the IE, recently take cover of the whole screen, feels like that it’s a big and blimp tablet app rather than using the desktop like windows older versions. Many of the users like this, many of these don’t like this. This is the reason, many of the users over the Startdock have set about trying to come up with a way of achieving the best of both worlds; dazzling windows apps 8, but it seems like that it perform more like apps customize for the Windows of yesteryear, we are talking about the legacy desktop environment here, in this scenario, you will be amazed.

Stardock app features for Windows 8

With the name of the ModernMix, this app $4.99 app picks up by the Windows 8 apps and places them into cool and re-adjustable windows. For the Windows 8 users, weakness after that Windows 7 feel to some of your apps, then you are lucky.

The app windows can be minimized, and maximized will be the strong points that take you, and all when you are advancing the look and feel of a Windows 8 app, but, without giving up the whole Screen. Awesome work without any doubt.

Interested in the drawbacks? Well, it might be or might not be something you imagine. But Startdock has recently been marketed ModernMix as a beta app; still they are demanding just 5 dollars for the benefits of checking it out. We are not in a favor to charge from people for the testing, and we will just hope that this app that just being marketed badly.

Stardock ModernMix can be downloaded and it will cost at $4.99. It seems to be a bumper prize for us. Even having the discouraging beta moniker.

Download App here

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