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How To Run Two or More Windows 8 Metro Apps Concurrently

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Windows 8’s Modern interface includes support for running two Windows 8 apps side-by-side. This feature, named “Snap,” isn’t explained in the tutorial – you’ll have to know it exists to make use of it. With some modern interference in the Windows 8, the running of two apps is supported by it. This is named as the “Snap”. While with some restrictions in the multitasking as in comparison with that of Windows desktop Multitasking. But it is somehow more feasible as compare to that of iPad and android, which has only one app on the screen.

Note: The monitors having a display of minimum 1366 pixels only can operate it.

Using Snap to Run Two Different Windows 8 Apps At the Same Time

To make it functional first open the app you want to run for it. After opening it move back to the Windows start key. Navigate the mouse to the upper left side of the screen, or press the Tradition keys like for this press Winkey + Tab, the app will be run after pressing

Windows 8 Snapped feature

Next, open the app which will be used for the primary purposes. Now navigate your mouse to the left corner, and move it to the side of the screen. Or more conveniently Press the WinKey + Tab you’ll see the switcher.

Windows 8  snapped screen

Drop the screen and by dragging the app if you want to use this as a mode of split-screen. Now for your own convenience drag it to the user choice, either on the left side or right side.

Snapped screen app

The app will be on your screen. New interferences are shown by the screen itself if you snapped at the screen. Now the nature of information depend upon the uses of different apps likewise new messages, or playback notification from the music controls.

windows 8 snapped apps

The main thing is that you can’t use the app in 50/50 split mode screen. One of the apps will be firstly snapped on the screen and the other app will take the most of the screen.

snapped screen

You can also adjust the apps that which app is going to cover more space on screen by simply dragging the handle between the screens. Now if you want to move the app, click on the top of the screen, click on the app and drag the mouse with the app and drop it on the screen. For the tablet user, simply grab it and put it to the screen.

Bing Weather

Other way round is to use the keys and press the keys like WinKey + Tab. And WinKey+Shift. This way you will switch between the screens with the keyboard shortcuts.

Having an advantage of using Windows 8, you can easily snapped the Windows 8 to the screen while keep using the rest of the screen normally and fully. Just like this (Desktop), you can use the app like this. The screen is not so much useful when it is snapped between or on the side of the screen; well still it will shows some type of thumbnail icon for the opening programs.


 This feature might be limited as compared to the Windows Desktop Multitasking, but it also allows running of multiple apps at a same time. This feature is not supported by the Computing tablets.

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