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How to Share Apps Between Different User Accounts in Windows 8

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Windows 8 offers you to have your own account and use it personally by everyone who uses it. But you need to buy some apps and allow the access to rest of the user like Angry Birds and etc.

But according to the default settings not every single user does it with their own account. Everyone needs to have its own Windows Store account and need to purchase apps. But the good point is that you can also share it with other user too.

Windows 8 apps sharing

Tutorial to Share Apps Between Different User Accounts on Windows 8

How It Works

Let’s see this thing, you and your kids are using own accounts on the PC. You want by yourself to give access to the games only but not to all the accounts.

This can easily be done by logging into the kids account and customizing Windows store account to your Microsoft account.  But these settings will only changes the account used for the Windows store, while the Microsoft account will be the same. You’ll only be sharing the Windows store account, which only give access to the apps purchased from the user account.

You can also strict this account with the aid of the password so that user prevents it from purchasing apps from your money.

Windows Store Account Sharing

To start this, initially you need to have one main windows store account, you can also use your own account for this purpose. If you still not a windows account holder, you must have to make it one of your own and second for the other user. This User Account can also be a simple Microsoft accounts or Local accounts.

After creating the second account for the casual user, navigate to the account and launch the Windows Store App.

Windows 8 sharing security

Pressing the (WinKEY + I) shortcut key and open your account from Setting charm.

Windows 8 user settings

Open the Sign in button and it will be follows if you are using the Microsoft Account or Local accounts.

Windows 8 accounts singing in

Login to your Windows Store by using your own account. This account will only use for the Windows Store.

Account singing in

To save your money from the casual user account holder, you can also set the password for it and also by enabling the “ask for your password when buying an app option.”

windows 8 user privacy settings

You can also share your apps by using this method with 5 different PC’s. Simply manage it with the Connected PC’s from the screen.

You have done with it. Now if you need to do some extra things sign in to each casual user account and follow the above stated steps. But it’s somehow annoying that you always have to download new app and it covers some more space on disk. But, it’s of no need to buy apps separately.

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