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How To SIM Unlock Permanently in Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-19505 For Free

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If you are using a device that has a locked network, it will make you perplexed specifically if it is not your desired network. Often the operator of your network will charge you a small fee for unlocking your device. Just imagine if you are out of your home and travelling somewhere. You plan to use the SIM card of any other network. If you have unlocked the SIM card, it will save you from a perplexing situation.

According to the rules, when you unlock the device, you have to pay a small fee to the carrier or to various online services for purchasing an unlocked AMEI. In this context, Samsung provides its users more relaxation to carry out a SIM or network unlocked on their Smartphone. Here, you will get a complete and easy guide on how you can unlock Galaxy S4 GT-19505.

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Before going ahead, it is advised that here the general disclaimer applies. It is a risky task to unlock the carrier and it is even more difficult task as compared to your usual Android Modding. So, you can follow the steps below at your own risk. TechMell is not liable for any damage. Moreover, the following method can be used only to unlock GT-19505 and you cannot use it for any other Galaxy S4.

Guide SIM Unlock Permanently in Samsung Galaxy S4:

Step 1: Open the “Phone application” in your mobile and dial *#0011#

Step 2: Now push the button of “Menu” and “Back” key together. Now click the “Menu” once again and click “Key Input” now. Now you need to press “1” and click “OK” for entering Service Mode.


Step 3: Now once again push the button “Menu” and click “Back” again. It would enable the “Main Menu” into “Service Mode”. You need to click “UMTS” in the “Main Menu”.


Step 4: Now go into the “ServiceMode” and select the option “Debug Screen” where you need to click “Phone Control”.

Phone Control


Step 5: You need to select “Network Lock” from the “Phone Control”.

Network Lock

Step 6: Here you will find three options. You need to select the option “Perso Sha256 Off”.

ServiceMode Settings

Step 7: Again you should return to “Main Menu” where you have to select “COMMON” and further in “Common” you have to select “NV Rebuild”.

NV Rebuild

Step 8: Now you will be informed that a “Golden Backup” is present. You need to select the option “Restore Back-up”.

Restore Back-up

Now your Smartphone will go through some conditions, wherein the first phase, it will freeze and then you will see a black screen with both of the capacitive buttons activated and Blue LED on. In the next phase it will restart by default, but the whole process will be no more than two or three minutes. So here you need to have some patience. Once it is restarted, it will have unlocked network on a permanent basis.

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