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Mozilla FireFox Crashes Again and Again? Fix it Now

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There are pretty much options that your Firefox crash. But these crashes can be adjusted easily by the help of Safe Mode and Reset feature. Still, many tricks might fix these crashes.

Many other software are trying to approach your Web browsing, like, extensions and themes, plug-ins, security programs, graphics drivers, and more. These crashes mostly occur due to the outdated software.

Firefox restore sessionsTutorial to Troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox Crashes

Use Safe Mode

Firefox has a Safe Mode that loads Firefox without loading your add-ons. To activate Safe Mode, click the Firefox menu, point to Help, and select Restart with Add-ons Disabled. You can also enter Safe Mode by holding the Shift key while starting Firefox.

To check the reason why your Firefox is crashes, run the Safe Mode. If your Safe Mood works in a proper manner, then there is a issue with your add-ons.  Disable the Safe Mode, and close down all the add-ons so that you can see which of your add-ons is making the trouble.

Firefox troubleshooting menuReset Firefox

All the personal stuff in placed in a separate folder. You don’t need to waste your time in searching and fixing the reason. It’s the duty of Firefox that it sends all the data to the new folder, migrating over your bookmarks, browser history, saved passwords, cookies, and auto-fill information.

But certainly you might lose some of your things like extensions, themes, search engines, and site-specific preferences in resenting Firefox. Major crashes are mostly caused by the Extensions and Themes, so get rid of it as early as possible to have a safe and neat profile.

Navigate to the troubleshooting information in the Firefox menu, to reset it to default settings.

Hit the Reset Button. A new profile will be created so that all the profile stuff will be send to it and a new and neat profile will be created again. And hopefully no such crashes will be seen in future.

disabling the Adds-on If Firefox starts crashing again after you re-install your favorite extensions, one of your extensions is likely causing the crashes. Try re-installing extensions one-by-one to identify if a particular extension is causing problems.

troubleshooting informations windowDisable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration of Firefox, make use of PC graphics to excite the text and objects on web pages. This action boosts up the Web page by performing some load off your CPU. While, it must be kept in mind that hardware acceleration might be reason of Graphics Drivers and Graphics cards.

You can easily judge either your hardware acceleration is the main reason, just simply disable it. Start with the Firefox Option menu, hit the advanced icon, un-mark the “Use hardware acceleration when available check-box”

Disable Hardware acceleration optionsAfter disabling the feature, re-launch the Firefox. if Firefox runs smoothly, then there was the issue with the hardware acceleration. Try to install the graphics drivers, if the problem can’t be fixed. If you still face the problem, just simply leave hardware acceleration disabled.

Note that you should not disable hardware acceleration if everything is working properly, as this is a useful feature.

Note: no need to disable the hardware acceleration, if all the things are working properly.

Check for Malware

Another reason behind the crash is, Malware crashes in your PC.  If Firefox constantly crashes time to time, then you need to scan your PC.

Microsoft securtiy essentials  Update Software

If Firefox crashes, then for a backup Mozilla offers the Updating software’s. the following List is the available updates:

  • Firefox: hit the Firefox menu, navigate to help and search for About Firefox. download the featured available updates.
  • Plug-ins: Look up for the Firefox plug-in update. The page will automatically search for the older updates. Navigate the links and install new updates.
  • Extensions and Themes: Hit the Firefox button, click Add-ons, and select Extensions. Hit the Gear menu, and check for any available updates.
  • Windows: To make sure that the Windows is updated correctly, use the Windows update.
  • Graphics Drivers: Install the update graphics drives to re-solve the hardware acceleration.
  • Internet Security Software: Update the latest versions of any firewall, antivirus programs, Internet security suites, and other security applications installed on your system.restart to update

Some issues with the hardware may also cause the Firefox to crash. Re-check your PC’s RAM, if the crashes continue to appear.

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