Tutorial to Login Automatically Every Time when you Started your Windows 8


Have you ever desired to not put down or type your password every time you want to log in the windows, and also don’t want to have some any issue with the security along with the password? If this what you all desire, then it’s your day. This tutorial will make your life easy and you wouldn’t be required to enter your password on each logon in Windows 8. This can save time and irritating efforts, many people make in signing in their Windows.

Tutorial to Make Your Windows 8 Computer Logon Automatically

Windows Automatically Sign InNote: all the steps defined in below points, it’s for the windows 8 as an example. But the same path is followed for the user of Windows 7.

Setting Windows 8 to Logon Automatically

Call up the RUN box, for this use traditional keys shortcut Win key +R. now type netplwiz and press enter to continue.

Windows Run box The User Accounts Box will open; this action will display the users list on your computers.

User Accounts tabsChoose the account from the user list, then unmark the “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer” box, then click apply button to continue.

User accounts TabThis will call the dialogue box which offers you to sign in automatically by putting the password. Hit ok.

Windows Automatically sign in

After hitting the Ok again. Now you are good to go.

Password for Windows Greek

Now no need to enter your difficult password everytime you login your Windows 8. Have fun!