Image of Upcoming 41- Megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 leaked


Nokia has managed to remain in talks for one thing or the other this year. Now much awaited is a 41-megapixel camera Nokia Smartphone. In the past months we have been receiving little news about the device that has been given the code-name “EOS” along with a few images giving little away about the front view of this Smartphone. The good news is, we have now been able to access this Smartphones image showing the front with more clarity and it is not surprising to see a familiar appearance.

41- Megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020@evleaks which is a Twitter account and primary source of unveiling a number of devices before they are officially announced or released uploaded a promotional image of the latest Nokia device this Wednesday, as given above. The speculated official carrier of this phone is expected to be AT&T with the new Nokia bearing the name Nokia Lumia 1020 as per @evleaks. It is interesting to note here, this device is going to be the first from Nokia bearing a four-digit product number

Since the image leaked only gave away the front appearance of this Smartphone, the part that houses the famous 41 MP camera cannot be viewed. According to the earlier released pictures, it is rumored the device is going to have a clear bump on the back side due to the camera. The camera is undoubtedly going to be the phone’s main feature as indicated by the new “Nokia Pro Cam” app tile seen on device’s Start screen in the image.

The design aesthetics of Lumia 1020 follow those of high-end Lumia series like the Lumia 920. Nokia has been following this style since it released the first Windows Phone device, the famous Nokia Lumia 800 released simultaneously with Windows Phone 7 in 2011.

Look forward to July 11 as the expected release date of Nokia Lumia 1020.