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Microsoft Finalizes Oct 18 for Windows 8.1 Release

August 14, 2013 Comments Off

Windows 8.1 update has been in talks for a long while and now we have a date for the official release from Microsoft, the launch is coming out on October 17. Windows 8 has brought itself most major changes Windows has seen so far and many users have taken their time to get used to the transformation from the good old Windows interface adorning their computers for a very long time. After about a year, an update Windows 8.1 is ready for launch.

Windows 8.1 Final VersionAbout three months from now, Microsoft Corporation announced its plans regarding Windows 8.1 without giving a confirmed date for the release which has been unveiled last Wednesday. Though, users still had access to a beta version of Windows 8.1 created for a test run by developers. Since the version was merely in developing stage, it had quite a few issues to be resolved.

The prime reason behind the drastic changes seen in Windows 8 was an attempt from Microsoft to create an Operating System that suits all devices be it desktop, a laptop or a tablet. The transformation has not been taken well by a lot of Windows fans that further resulted in decreased sales of Windows 8 machines. According to International Data Corporation, this step has contributed to an already downhill trend in PC sales owing to the dependence of users on touch devices to access the internet.

The Redmond based company had to bear a hefty $900 million for the loss in face of Windows 8 based company manufactured tablet, Surface. With the update, Windows 8.1, Microsoft intends to make the Operating System more user-friendly by resolving the issues many users earlier reported. Also, the update is free of charge for the machines already running on Windows 8.

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