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Why Windows 8.1 is Better than Windows 8?

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Since Microsoft has given a name of Windows 8.1 in its upcoming update of Windows 8 and it has made an announcement that the users of Windows 8 would be able to access this update free of cost, the majority of the users that is not following Microsoft keenly has confused the update Windows 8.1 with a service pack.

Windows 8.1 PreviewThe users who have the impression that the update Windows 8.1 is mere a service pack should be well versed with the fact that the service packs generally include some previously launched updates and the solution of various problems and there are no advanced features in the service packs. So, according to this statement it is stated that Windows 8.1 is not a service pack because it contains a wide range of advanced features for the users.

Some users know it very well that when in 2007 Windows Vista was launched, it created a bad impression on the users and after a two year gap, Microsoft launched an upgraded version of Vista that has given the name of Windows 7. It broke the records of selling OS in the history of technology. A great difference between Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 is that the former was not available for free for the users while the latter is available for free for all of the users of Windows 8.

The addition of “.1” in the name of Windows 8.1 suggests that it is an updated version of Windows 8. The users will be surprised to know that Windows 8.1 contains hundreds of latest functions and features that can be added to Windows 8 without deleting all of its current features. Moreover, it is absolutely a free update for all of the users of Windows 8.

Basically Microsoft got feedback and opinions from the users of Windows 8 from all over the world in the previous year and it updated Windows 8 on the basis of these opinions and feedbacks. So, it has been presented to the users with more amusing and pleasant features. As Microsoft claims, Windows 8.1 will surely attract the users of Windows Vista and Windows 8 towards itself.

You can say that Windows 8.1 has all those features, Windows 8 should have kept and “.1” has completed Windows 8.1.

Now the users can easily move to the “Start” screen because Windows 8.1 has added the “Start” button. It also provides you the convenience for settings of background and to shutdown and reboots your system in easier way.

Windows 8.1 VS Windows 8 [New Features Comparison]

Below is a chart that gives you a bird’s eye view regarding the basic functions and features added into Windows 8.1 that cannot be found in Windows 8.

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Difference

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