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Firefox Nightly 21 Brings Modern UI App To Windows 8

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Firefox Nightly is the platform that Firefox uses to release experimental software that are the latest but relatively unstable at the moment. Since Windows 8 Modern UI Firefox is available on the Nightly channel as promised by Mozilla, this means the software will not be out unless all the issues with the release are attended to. All the curios developers and users who wish to view the app can download the Nightly build. Though there are not many features included in the Modern UI version but you can get a complete experience of the desktop version. You will see it working quite similar to Windows 8’ Internet Explorer that has its Modern UI and desktop versions operating without depending on each other.

Download Firefox by Nightly 21 Modern UI App for Windows 8

Installation process

First you need to install Firefox Nightly version 21 to your desktop and make it your default browser for it to function as a Modern UI app. For this, you can either access Firefox’s Options from the Advanced tab or go to Control Panel and set the default browser. You should then see a tile saying Nightly on the Start Screen.

Installation processModern UI Interface

Firefox’s interface is kept very simple to keep up with the Modern UI interface standard. To view the opened To see which tabs are currently open, simply swipe from top or bottom of the screen or use right click to bring up the app bar. You can view the URL bar on the top of every new tab but it goes hiding once the page is fully loaded and clicked upon. On the home page you will see your most visited sites, bookmarks and the recently opened pages. You can go to the Downloads page from the bottom bar, add a bookmark for the opened page, pin the page, zoom out or zoom in on the page, make a search for specific text on the current page or simply look at it in the desktop Firefox version. The progress in page loading is displayed at the top as a sleek blue colored bar.

Modern UI InterfaceOptions

At the moment, the add-ons are not supported neither does the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + A work to open anything. The options that are available include setting up Firefox sync, making tabs to always get displayed at the top, do the settings so Firefox opens the last opened tabs instead of showing the Start Page, remove private information, manage passwords or put a master password. You can also manage Notifications in the ‘Permissions’ tab through the settings in Firefox.

Options PermissionsOn the performance graph, Firefox has really good trends and apparently loses less memory than its counterpart desktop version. Firefox has a lot to develop along these lines since the users will expect its Modern UI version to start supporting add-ons anytime soon. As mentioned early the Nightly Firefox version is only an experimental release so use it at your own risk. The most needed change is the reduction in size of tab’s bar since it covers a major portion of the screen unnecessarily.

Download Here

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