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Top 5 Free Antivirus Software for Windows 8.1

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Worried for the security of your latest Windows 8.1? You do not need to bother about its security any more. Now some reliable safeguards are available to provide complete protection for your system running on Windows 8.1. You can avoid internal and external attacks of the malicious viruses by using any of these top 5 antivirus programs that are absolutely free for you.

The users know it very well that it has become compulsory for them to keep an antivirus program in their system. So, they keep searching online for the best and reliable antivirus program they can install. There is a wide range of antivirus software available online. Some of them are free, but others are paid. So, it is difficult for the users to make a choice. Here, you will find the description of some reliable and free Antivirus software that can be considered the best software for any PC running on Windows 8.1.

Best Antivirus for Windows 8.1

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security EssentialsMSE can be considered the most trusted antivirus software. It is designed by Microsoft and its size is only 30 MB. So, it is more convenient for you to install and use it. It has no pro and trial version and absolutely free for the users. It provides you complete protection against Trojans, Malware and viruses. It has a very simple and user-friendly interface and that is why you can see it on the top of the list.


Kaspersky Antivirus

KasperskyIt is very easy and simple to use due to its simple interface. It gives you full protection from the from malware and external attacks. In the trial, it was successful in blocking nearly 93.8% attacks. It gives complete security to your system not only Malware, but also from Phishing and Trojan attacks.


Bitdefender Internet Security

Bitdefender Internet SecurityIt is another renowned and well-known antivirus software that is popular among the users throughout the world. It gives your system a thorough security and the best support indeed. You can consider it the most reliable antivirus program that is available free for the users. You can not only download its Windows version, but also for its Mac version. It provides you a 24 hours support and help. Personally, I prefer using this antivirus software because it ends up with 98% of malicious viruses before they infect your system.


Norton Antivirus

Norton AntivirusNorton is also one of the most wanted free antivirus software designed by Symantec. Due to its excellent performance, best features and quick support, it has become the priority of the users. It can be used for a complete safety from viruses, malware, trojans and malicious internal and external attacks. It is available for Androids as well.


Avast Antivirus

AvastOne of the most popular and the best free anti-virus software is Avast that can be used to keep your system virus and worms free. It protects your system from Trojans, Viruses, malware and worms. You can also repair all of the infected files by using it. You will find various editions of Avast such as Avast Free, Avast internet Security and Avast Pro version. It also gives you a secure internet surfing.


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