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GOM Player Free Download Latest Version for Windows 8

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A variety of audio and video player software are available online for Windows users however there are only some of them that really provide the best features of them all. GOM, VLC, MPC and PotPlayer are the most downloaded video playing software. As far as GOM is concerned, it may not support all the video formats but it certainly offers an excellent set of features.

GOM now has the support for the Windows latest addition, Windows 8, since the GOM Lab has launched GOM v2.1.47.5133 that also includes some major fixes like a better aspect ratio.

Free Download GOM Player For Windows 8

GOM users are well aware of the ease and convenience GOM offers in its interface. Still, if any user wishes to change the skin he just has to right click on the skin and opt for the new skin option to get new skins from the GOM official website.

As mentioned earlier, GOM does not support all video formats. The solution for this interruption has already been provided in the form of GOM codec finder that lets you get the codec for your unsupported video format from the GOM Lab page.

If you are currently using GOM video player then you may update the version directly. Right-click on the player window, go to the About GOM Player and select Update.

Majority of the users like to keep it to the keyboard. There are about more than a 100 keyboard shortcuts to GOM player that can assist you operate your player easily. Obviously, you don’t have to get familiar with all of these keys. To view the full list, right-click on the player window, go to About GOM Player and select the Shortcut Keys tab

While installing GOM Player, AVG Security Toolbar will be added to your toolbars with the AVG set as the default search provider. If you want the installer to not add these features, just uncheck Install AVG Security Toolbar during the installation process.

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